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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Today in Hollywood History June 28th 2011

Today in Hollywood History June 28th 2011

1926 - The Road to Mandalay" starring Lon Chaney is released.

1926 - Mel Brooks actor, writer, producer known for "The Producers" is born

1932 - Pat Morita known for "The Karate Kid" is born.

1945 - "Blood on the Sun" starring James Cagney is released.

1948 - Kathy Bates known for "Misery" Academy Award Winner is born.

1957 - "The Beginning of the end" starring Peter Graves is released.

1966  - John Cusack known for "Say Anything" is born

1972 - "The Happiness Cage" starring Christopher Walken is released.

1975 - Rod Sterling known for "The Twilight Zone" dies at 50

1978 - "Heaven Can Wait" starring Warren Beatty and Julie Christie is released.

1996 - "Nutty Professor," starring Eddie Murphy opens in theaters in the USA

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