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Thursday, March 31, 2011

James Franco Speaks out on Oscars Stint Criticism

James Franco after a month of criticism of his stint as Oscar host is finally speaking out.  Franco appeared as a guest on David Letterman (airing Friday)  According to Hollywood Reporter.com Franco is quoted as telling Letterman in the interview, ""Maybe I had low energy. I honestly played those lines as well as I could."  Letterman told Franco, "I was so bad that they talked for a while about shutting down the motion picture industry."  Franco then quipped back, "At least they didn't say you were stoned. People said I was under the influence. I've thought about it. I think I know why. I love her, but Anne Hathaway is so energetic, I think the Tasmanian Devil would look stoned standing next to Anne Hathaway."

Mickey Rooney's Abuse and Loss of Prized Oscar

Last Friday, it was reported a court appointed beloved veteran actor Mickey Rooney a permanent conservator to oversee his affairs in light of abuse from his stepson and stepdaughter. 

Details of the abuse emerged from court documents, Rooney claimed Aber deprived him of medication and food and confiscated his passport and other identification cards. Augustine told the court $400,000 had disappeared from Rooney's bank account and the star is so financially strapped that he frequently wears the same clothes and has only one pair of shoes. He stated that Rooney told him he was unable to buy his wife, Jan, flowers on Valentine's Day because "I have no money."

Mickey Rooney also blasted his stepson for allegedly taking his honorary Oscar statuette and selling it off for his own financial gain.  Rooney claims Aber took a number of his personal items -- including the star's honorary Academy Award, which he received in 1983 in recognition of his 50 years in the movie industry.

If the allegations of Aber selling his Oscar are true, it would make any transaction involving the Oscar illegal under the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences post 1950 recipient agreement.  This agreement prohibits the sale of any Academy Award received after 1950 by recipients heirs, or other.  This would be in addition to any other laws broken such as theft.  There is no word from the Academy or law enforcement as to any investigation in the matter at this time.

Theater Owners Upset Over Studios Video On Demand Plan

LAS VEGAS  CinemaCon, the annual convention of theater owners left them feeling blindsided, and furious Thursday that four Hollywood studios didn't brief them on plans to launch a new premium VOD service on DirecTV late next month, followed swiftly by Comcast and VUDU. Exhibitors could respond by changing how they book films and play trailers.

Whole Story at Hollywood Reporter.com

Natalie Portman's Black Swan Scandal

The ballerina who doubled for Natalie Portman caused an upheaval when she claimed Portman did only five percent of the dancing in the film.  Sarah Lane who performs with the American Ballet Theater, became upset when she noticed that she was only credited as a "hand model" and 'stunt double".  Lane is claiming she was told to keep quiet about how much of the movie she participated in. 

The filmmakers behind Black Swan are refuting the dancer’s allegation that she performed almost all of the ballet attributed to Natalie Portman.  Fox Searchlight and filmmakers released a joint statement: “We were fortunate to have Sarah there to cover the more complicated dance sequences and we have nothing but praise for the hard work she did.”“However, Natalie herself did most of the dancing featured in the final film.”

Megan Angelo of the Business Insider summed it up best, "So anyone who wants to take a hard second look at Portman's performance -- and to slow-mo search for Lane's contributions -- is nothing but good for "Black Swan."

Kevin Smith to Auction Props - Memorabilia

Kevin Smith plans to hold an auction next month at the Pasadena Convention Center with the proceeds going tol help Smith with the distribution of his new movie, "Red State."

Some of the high profile items to be auctioned are Bluntman costume from "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back" and Bartleby's angel wings, and torso armor from "Dogma."

Zsa Zsa Gabor’s Rolls Auction

In 1989, actress Zsa Zsa Gabor was cruising around Beverly Hills in her Rolls Royce when a motorcycle cop stopped her.  A chase ensued, followed by a slap, after which the much-married Hungarian bombshell enjoyed the hospitality of the Beverly Hills Jail. Florida’s DC Foeller will offer the 1979 Rolls Corniche, still registered to Zsa Zsa, at its classic car auction on March 19-20. It comes with her mug shot.
With just 48,000 miles, the car also has its original pink slip, and comes with a variety of photographs featuring Zsa Zsa in the car.
Read more at PRWeb.

Marilyn Monroe's Last Photo Shoot on the Block

Weeks before her death in 1962, Marilyn Monroe posed for photographer Bert Stern, who produced over 2,500 images. Despite the wealth of that material, only one printed copy of this contact sheet exists. There are nine images on it, one of them marked with an “X” indicating Monroe’s negative opinion of the shot. Carrying an estimate of $14,000-$18,000, the sheet will come to auction later this week at Swann Galleries.
Also highlighted in the sale are albums by 19th century photographer Linnaeus Tripe (est. $35,000-$45,000) and Adam Clark Vroman (1856-1916) (est. $30,000-$40,000), as well as photographs by Ansel Adams, Edward Clark Weston, and Edward Curtis.
Read more at Swann Galleries.

James Cameron reveals intention for visually improved Avatar 2

James Cameron at CinemaCon today indicated he would be making Avatar 2 and 3.  The director revealed that he was considering shooting the films at a higher frame per second.  Standard films are shot a 24 frames per second, Cameron is looking to shoot at 48 to 60 frames per second.  Cameron said, "The 3D shows you a window into reality; the higher frame rate takes the glass out of the window. In fact, it is just reality. It isreally stunning." A demonstration of the visual results are planned for demonstration during confab in Las Vegas. 

Today in Hollywood History March 31st, 2011

Today in Hollywood History March 31st, 2011

1930 - The Motion Pictures Production Code is instituted, imposing strict guidelines on the treatment of sex, crime, religion and violence in film for the next thirty eight years.

1934 - Academy Award winning Actress Shirley Jones Born

1934 - Richard Chamberlain Born

1981 - 1st Golden Raspberry Awards: Can't Stop the Music wins

1981 - 53rd Academy Awards - "Ordinary People," R De Niro & Sissy Spacek win

1993 - Brandon Lee Dies at 28 accidental gunshot wound from faulty prop revolver)

1994 - James Farentino pleads no contest to stalking ex-girl Tina Sinatra

1999 - The Matrix released

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wonder Woman Gets Makeover after Citicism

"The Lighter Side"

Wonder Woman came under fire after NBC released the photos f Adrianne Palicki sporting the new Wonder Woman costume.

As THR.com Heat Vision blogger Borys Kit pointed out, fanboys said she looked "too trashy, too bad-porn-y," Fox said her look wasn't patriotic enough (no surprise there) and even Lynda Carter, who played her in the '70s TV series, gave her take. Palicki's blue vinyl pants and blue boots were said to resemble footed pajamas, according to online commenter's, and her patent-vinyl outfit "looks cheap" and "probably squeaks every time she moves" wrote blogs.

New photos from filming show some modifications to the costume; vinyl pants replaced by cotton or spandex and contrasting red boots.

New Hollywood Reporter reveals Elizabeth Taylor's Defiant Ways

The New issue of The Hollywood Reporter reveals how Elizabeth Taylor's defiant ways challenged Hollywood standards.

On June 10, 1966, Life magazine did one of its many cover stories on Elizabeth Taylor. Far from her usual smoldering beauty, she looked puffy, haggard, decades older than her 34 years. “Liz in a Shocker,” the headline proclaimed. “Her movie shatters the rules of censorship.”

10 Best Zombie Movies of All Time

The ten best zombie movies of all time is fan subjective, of course.  It really comes down to zombie fan preference.  Whether that be accurate and believability, humor, or gore.

1.  "Zombieland": Yes, it is a big production and not as home-grown as a lot of zombie movies, but there is no way to beat Woody Harrelson riding a roller coaster and picking off zombies with a rifle as he rides. The bar was set high by this 2009 movie that lays down precise rules for surviving a country overrun by zombies.

2.  "Shaun of the Dead": For zombie humor, this is one of the best. It is odd, a bit low budget and does not make much sense; precisely the ingredients for the best zombie movies. This British movie was released in 2004 and is a commentary of the zombie-like state that people allow themselves to fall into during their normal routines.

3.  "White Zombie": Being a fan of the classics I had to include 1932's first feature length zombie film.  Modern reception to White Zombie has been more positive since its initial release.   

4.  "Night of the Living Dead": A must see for any zombie fan, the original 1968 version of "Night of the Living Dead" is without question one of the best zombie movies ever. The 1990 remake is also a passable zombie flick. If you are into survival amongst the living dead, this one is one of the most important in the genre to see. It may just give you new ideas for keeping the zombies away. 

5.  "Fido": "Fido" has a truly inventive take on the zombie genre, combining it with a "Leave It to Beaver" vibe. The dynamic between a status-conscious nuclear family and its zombie domestic servant is an eye-opening commentary on the role of parents and their relationships with each other.

6.  "Dead Snow":  How could anyone say "I hate you" to a horror film that features an extended fist fight between a strapping Norwegian lad and an angry Nazi zombie? Hard to imagine, I know. Tommy Wirkola's thoroughly satisfying 2009 undead comedy Dead Snow (aka Død snø), despite wearing its many influences on its gore-encrusted sleeves, has just enough manic energy and undiluted charm to pull off its odd assortment of zany scenarios and rampant self-awareness without crossing the line into unwatchable absurdity.  The film fiend.com

7.  "Army  of Darkness":   Army of Darkness (1993) (the final installment in the Evil Dead trilogy) was produced on a fairly meager budget, and it shows: The set backgrounds are ridiculously obvious matte paintings and the execution of the special effects is really hit-and-miss. Still a great watch though, thanks to an incredibly creative director in Sam Raimi (who went on to direct the Spider-Man franchise) and a hilarious performance from B-movie king Bruce Campbell in the leading role.

8.  "Dawn of the Dead":  George Romero made five zombie movies, including Night of the Living Dead, the film that essentially invented the modern zombie film 1968. 1978’s Dawn of the Dead is one of the best. The film is set in a shopping mall, when shopping malls were a newer concept.  A great mix of character development and zombie battles. I have seen others say you can't claim to be a zombie fan without seeing this movie unless you want knowledgeable people to laugh in your face.
9.  "Evil Dead 2": A classic among zombie movies, "Evil Dead 2" has a famous disembodied hand sequence that is worth its price alone. The movie is the second installment of a classic three-zombie-movie franchise.

10. "28 Days Later":  Purists call it a zombie film without zombies, (2002) Directed by Danny Boyle – Four weeks after a mysterious, incurable virus spreads throughout the UK, a handful of survivors try to find sanctuary as they try to run from victims who have turned into zombie-like psychopaths.

11.  "Planet Terror" (2007) - Directed by Robert Rodriguez - This great film in the Grindhouse collection, Planet Terror dominated everything it set out to do by putting an all star cast into the film, and by having a great script and great direction from Robert Rodriguez (Desperado, Once Upon a Time in Mexico)."

Today in Hollywood History March 30, 2011

Today in Hollywood History March 30, 2011
1937 - Actor Warren Beatty born

1955 - 27th Academy Awards - "On the Waterfront," Brando & Grace Kelly win

1981 - Obsessed Jodie Foster Fan John Hinckley Jr. shoot President Ronald Reagan

1986 - Actor James Cagney Dies at age 86

1987 - 59th Academy Awards - "Platoon," Paul Newman & Marlee Matlin win

1992 - 64th Academy Awards - "Silence of Lamb," A Hopkins & Jodie Foster win

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Disney Unveils Title for New Monsters Inc

Tuesday at CinemaCon Disney/Pixar announced the title for the sequel to Monsters Inc. will be Monsters University.  Monsters Inc released in 2001 was one of the early hits of Pixar which grossed $525 million in the worldwide box office. 

The movies premise is a closely guarded secret however indication from Disney is the film will be a prequel.  The scheduled release of the film is 2012.

Zsa Zsa Gabor -- Rushed to Hospital

Zsa Zsa's husband Prince Frederic von Anhalt told TMZ he sounded the alarm at about 12:30 today because Zsa Zsa could "hardly breathe" at their Beverly Hills mansion.

Anhalt tells TMZ he's "really worried we may lose her this time."

Longtime Academy Exec James M. Roberts Dies at 87

James M. Roberts, an executive of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for 35 years and its executive director for almost two decades, died Monday from emphysema in Rancho Bernardo, Calif. He was 87.

Roberts won the respect of the Academy governors and of its staff, which more than tripled during his administration. He oversaw the move of the organization’s headquarters from a small Melrose Avenue building to its current Beverly Hills site. The late stages of his term saw the conversion of the former Beverly Hills “Waterworks” building into the home of the Academy’s Herrick Library.
Roberts retired in 1989.

Kirk Douglas to be Special Guest at 2011 TCM Classic Film Festival

Hollywood legend Kirk Douglas will be a special guest at the 2011 TCM Classic Film Festival in Hollywood. During the festival, which takes place April 28-May 1, the three-time Oscar® nominee and honorary Academy Award® winner will join TCM host Robert Osborne for an interview on stage, leading into a screening of Stanley Kubrick’s epic filmSpartacus (1960), which Douglas also produced. The evening’s festivities will include clips from Douglas’ biographical one-man show, Before I Forget (2009)

“Kirk Douglas is an American icon whose performances have struck an indelible chord with moviegoers for more than 60 years,” Osborne said. “At the age of 94, he retains the great vitality and enthusiasm which has always been the Douglas trademark. We couldn’t be more pleased that Spartacus himself will be joining us at the TCM Classic Film Festival in Hollywood in April.”

Today in Hollywood History March 29th, 2011

Today in Hollywood History March 29th 2011

1951 - 23rd Academy Awards - "All About Eve," Judy Holliday & J Ferrer win

1959 - "Some Like it Hot" with Marilyn Monroe & Jack Lemmon premieres

1962 - Jack Paar's final appearance on the "Tonight Show"

1982 - 2nd Golden Raspberry Awards: Mommie Dearest wins

1982 - 54th Academy Awards - "Chariots of Fire," Henry Fonda & K Hepburn win

1989 - 61st Academy Awards - "Rainman," Dustin Hoffman & Jodie Foster win

1989 - 9th Golden Raspberry Awards: Cocktail wins

1992 - 12th Golden Raspberry Awards: Hudson Hawk wins

1993 - 65th Academy Awards - "Unforgiven," Al Pacino & Emma Thompson win

1997 - Actor Harry Hamlin weds actress Lisa Rinna

2005 - Disney ends relationship with with Harvey and Bob Weinstein, the founders of Miramax Films.

2011 - Farley Granger dies at 85

Monday, March 28, 2011

Kevin Grevioux's "I Frankenstein" Coming to the Big Screen

Writer Stuart Beattie is collaborating with Lakeshore Entertainment to bring I, Frankenstein to the big screen as  the writer/director. Work on film is set to begin this fall according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Kevin Grevioux's Darkstorm Studios novel is set in the modern day where supernatural creatures looking to take over only have classic literary monsters standing between them and the human race.  Grevioux other projects include the Underworld series.

Hitchcok "Rope" star Farley Granger Dead at 85

Farley Granger in Strangers on a Train

Actor Farley Earle Granger   In a career spanning several decades, he perhaps was known best for his two collaborations with Alfred Hitchcock, Rope in 1948 and Strangers on a Train in 1951.

His breakthrough role came in Hitchcock's 1948 adaptation of the play Rope, inspired by the thrill-kill Leopold and Loeb case, in which Granger plays an accomplice to a murder and then co hosts a party where the guests mingle, unaware that there's a dead guy stuffed in a trunk in the living room.

Starting 1960s Granger worked mostly in TV and theater.

The poster for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Released

Deathly Hallows Opens July 15, 2011

Disney Caputres Righs to Agatha Christie's Miss Marple

Miss Marple the detective character created by Agatha Christie will be coming to a theater near you.
Disney completed negotiations securing a deal to the movie rights of the character.  Previous film works in which the character appeared was in 1961's "Murder, She Said" with Margaret Rutherford, and in 1980's "The Mirror Crack'd" with Angela Lansbury. . Miss Marple one of Christies most famous characters, is an elderly spinster who lives in the village of St. Mary Mead and acts as an amateur detective. Disney plans to make a contemporary version of the film. Mark Frost will write the screenplay according the the Hollywood Reporter.

Home Film Pick of the Week: Dance of the Dead

"Dance of the Dead" - 2008
Directed by Gregg Bishop

Since I am a huge zombie film fan, but being surrounded by so many that disappoint, I was surprised to have actually enjoyed the classic zombie feel this movie had. You can tell at times that this was a low-budget flick and pretty indie, but had a decent story line. I thought the direction, script, and acting were all very well executed...especially for a bunch of relative unknowns.  I would best describe this  film as John Hughes meets George Romero. "Dance of the Dead" is is an entertaining and gore horror comedy with a huge potential for cult-movie status.

Academy Tribute to Sophia Loren

The remarkable film career of Academy Award winning Italian actress Sophia Loren will be celebrated with a gala evening of film clips and personal remarks from her friends and colleagues, concluding with an intimate onstage conversation with the legendary star. 

In 1961, Sophia Loren earned the first Academy Award presented to a lead performer in a non-English speaking role, for “Two Women,” directed by her longtime collaborator, Vittorio De Sica.

In 1990, the Academy presented an Honorary Award to Loren in acknowledgment of her status as “one of the genuine treasures of world cinema who, in a career rich with memorable performances, has added permanent luster to our art form.”

Wednesday May 4th at 8pm - Samuel Goldwyn Theater 8949 Wilshire Boulevard Beverly Hills, CA 90211

Today in Hollywood History March 28, 2011

Today in Hollywood History March 28, 2011
1920 - Actor Douglas Fairbanks marries actress Mary Pickford

1977 - 49th Academy Awards - "Rocky," Peter Finch & Faye Dunaway win

1987 - Maria Von Trapp dies at age 82 - Whose life was the basis of the "Sound of Music"

1992 - 6th American Comedy Award: Cathy Ladman, Judy Watkins, Billy Crystal

1995 - Julia Roberts & Lyle Lovette split-up

2004 - Peter Usinov dies at age 82

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Billy Crystal Oscars Return Possible

After Billy Crystal returned to his most famous stage to introduce a segment honoring Bob Hope. His appearance was greeted by a rousing standing ovation, many hope this peer affirmation will bring back the eight time host. Crystal has not hosted the show since 2004.

Billy Crystal says he would consider hosting the Oscars for a ninth time, but adds: "I think the show needs a

The veteran comedian added: "There's too many awards and it has to sort of freshen itself up, and if I can be a part of that, that would be great."

After the past several years one can only hope a Crystal return would make the show tolerable again.

Hollywood Babylons - Classic Hollywood Architectural Treasures

Before the age of the McMansion, during the classic age of Hollywood glamour, Los Angeles was home to some of the most exquisite architectural treasures.

A tour of classic Los Angeles homes of Hollywood Royalty via Hollywood Reporter.

Reese Witherspoon Weds Agent

People.com confirmed via Reese Witherspoon's rep that the 35 year old actress, exchanged vows with entertainment agent Jim Toth, 40, in a private ceremony Saturday night at her ranch in Ojai, California.

They began dating in January 2010 and got engaged in December.
Guests in attendance included Witherspoon's first husband Ryan Phillippe, who arrived with their two children, Scarlett Johansson, Sean Penn, Alyssa Milano, Tobey Maguire, Robert Downey Jr. and Renée Zellweger.

Amy Adams to Play Lois Lane in Warner Bros Remake of Superman

Amy Adams has been cast in the iconic role of journalist Lois Lane in the upcoming Superman remake from Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures.

Adams will join co-stars Henry Cavill, Diane Lane and Kevin Costner on the production, which will be directed by Zack Snyder. Henry Cavill was announced to play the role of Superman in January.  Costner is slated in the role as Superman's father Jonathan "pa" Kent.

“Second only to Superman himself, the question of who will play Lois Lane is arguably what fans have been most curious about," Snyder said in a statement Sunday. "So we are excited to announce the casting of Amy Adams, one of the most versatile and respected actresses in films today. Amy has the talent to capture all of the qualities we love about Lois: smart, tough, funny, warm, ambitious and, of course, beautiful."

Mickey Rooney Seeking to Revive Career at Age 90

Mickey Rooney must revive his show business career soon or he will die "in very short order," the lawyer appointed to oversee the 90-year-old actor's affairs told CNN Friday.

"He's available, he's marketable and we're going to get him working," said Michael Augustine.
Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Reva Goetz cleared the way for a Rooney resurgence Friday by appointing Augustine as permanent conservator, a move Rooney said he needed to protect him from his stepson and stepdaughter.

Rooney's troubles came to national attention when he delivered emotional testimony to Congress earlier this month in which he said family members took control of his life, making him "scared, disappointed, yes, and angry."

Augustine, in a CNN interview after Friday's hearing, said he would immediately seek movie, television and commercial roles for Rooney, who he said is in good physical and mental health.

End of Video Store Era Draws Near as Blockbuster Closes 186 Stores

Blockbuster closing 186 stores around the U.S. in anticipation of its upcoming April auction.
The video and game rental company stated in court filings that it plans to leave those properties by the end of the month, notes the Los Angeles Times.
Once the dominant home video provider, Blockbuster has failed to keep up with competitors like Netflix and Redbox. Since filing for bankruptcy in September, the company has struggled through a failed reorganization plan, deep debt and a barrage of lawsuits filed by studios, landlords and more.
Creditors plan to sell Blockbuster to the highest bidder at an auction on April 4.

This comes after rival rental company Hollywood Video which was the largest direct competitor to Blockbuster Video until it was purchased by Movie Gallery in 2005  Movie Gallery (and therefore Hollywood Video) declared Chapter 7 bankruptcy in May 2010 announcing an end of corporate operations and a liquidation of all assets.

First Annual Comedy Awards to Air April 10th Comedy Central

NEW YORK – David Letterman, Tina Fey and Louis C.K. were among the laugh-getters honored Saturday night at the first annual Comedy Awards. At the presentation held by Comedy Central, Alec Baldwin (30 Rock) and Kristen Wiig (Saturday Night Live) won as best comedy actor and actress in television.  Daniel Tosh was chosen by fans to receive the breakthrough performer award.

The Comedy Awards will air on April 10 on Comedy Central and other Viacom-owned networks including Nick at Nite, VH1 and TV Land.

Spock's ear to be auctioned

Star Trek fans will have the opportunity to own on a piece of sci-fi history as a prosthetic ear worn by Leonard Nimoy who played Spock goes up for auction.

The iconic memento has been carefully preserved for more than 30 years and is now set to be sold off at an auction of Hollywood memorabilia next month.  Dan Levin, a spokesman for Premier Props, the company behind the sale, says, "This ear was kept by the prop master from the film. It was carefully wrapped up which is important because silicone latex can deteriorate. "Spock's ears are an iconic part of 'Star Trek' and fans across the world would love to own it. We've already had lots of bids."

The auction will take place in Los Angeles April 2.

Today in Hollywood History March 27, 2011

Today in Hollywood History March 27, 2011

1920 - Film stars Mary Pickford & Douglas Fairbanks wed

1931 - Charlie Chaplin receives France's distinguished Legion of Honor

1957 - 29th Academy Awards - "Around World in 80 Days," Bergman, Brynner win

1973 - 45th Academy Awards - "Godfather," Marlon Brando & Liza Minnelli win Marlon Brando turns down Oscar for best actor in support of Indians

1985 - Billy Dee Williams receives a star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

1986 - Disney-MGM Studio Tour ground breaking

1995 - 67th Academy Awards - "Forest Gump," Jessica Lange & Tom Hanks win

2002 - Billy Wilder dies at age 95

2002 - Dudley Moore dies at age 66

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Michael Jackson MTV Video Music Awards sells for $60,000

An MTV Video Music Award Moonman trophy presented to Michael Jackson. The silver Moonman sits on a metal base with plaque reading in full, "1994-1995/ Best Choreography/ Michael Jackson/ Michael Jackson & Janet Jackson/ Scream."   Sold at Julian's Auction today Pre auction estimate $8,000 to $10,000 winning bid was $60,000.

Michael Jackson Handwritten Lyrics sell for $78,000

Two pages of partial lyrics to the song "Beat It" handwritten by Michael Jackson. Document begins "Beat It by Michael Jackson" and includes the first two verses along with the refrain. Housed in a frame with the album it appeared on, Thriller. "Beat It," released on Valentine's Day in 1983, shared a top five position on the Billboard Hot 100 with another single from Thriller, "Billie Jean." Within only a few months the single was awarded a gold record award.  The pre auction estimate was $4,000 to 6,000.  The winning bid was $78,000.

Michael Jackson Autograph Photo sells for $4,000

A Michael Jackson signed photograph on stage circa 1992 during the Dangerous era. Signed in lower left "Love Michael Jackson." sold today at Julian's Auction for $4,000  Auction estimate $300 - $500.

Michael Jackson's White Fedora sells for $38,400

A white wool fedora owned and signed by Michael Jackson "All my love Michael Jackson 1998 ooo" with a hand drawn arrow on the underside of the brim just sold at Julian's Auction for $38,400. The original Auction estimate was $2,000 to $4,000.


Esther Williams Month On TCM Coming In May!

Plunging her way through a series of delightfully over-the-top swim musicals, Esther Williams, TCM Star Of The Month for May, spread bubbly euphoria through movie audiences of the 1940’s and ‘50’s. Critic James Agee aptly compared her to “a porpoise amused by its own sex appeal.” A champion swimmer born in Los Angeles, Williams served a brief apprenticeship at MGM before making a huge splash in Bathing Beauty (1944), which had been planned as a comedy vehicle for Red Skelton but quickly turned into a showcase for the movies’ new aquatic star. Van Johnson partnered Esther Williams in four of her most popular films, Thrill of a Romance (1945), Easy to Wed (1946), Duchess of Idaho (1950) and Easy to Love (1953).  But her signature film at MGM was Million Dollar Mermaid (1952), a movie biopic of her forerunner in swim-spectacle stardom, Annette Kellerman.
Check your local listings for schedule of Esther Williams films on TCM in May

Premiere Props Hollywood Auction April 2nd & 3rd

EL SEGUNDO (MARCH 9, 2011) – Premiere Props announced today that they will be auctioning a collection of items from Michael Jackson including a white sequin glove and a black sequin jacket from his Billie Jean tour on April 2 & 3 at their headquarters in El Segundo, CA (128 Sierra Street, El Segundo, CA 90245).  Each morning there will be a preview from 9-11am PT with the live auction beginning at 11am PT.
In addition to the Michael Jackson items fans will also be able to bid on rare and iconic Hollywood memorabilia including:
  • “Titanic” – Iconic Original Drawing of Rose (Kate Winslet) by James Cameron
  • “Batman Returns”– Full signature costume on Michael Keaton Life Size Figure
  • “Batman Forever” – The Riddler’s (Jim Carrey) Hat and Cane
  • “Apocalypse Now” – Guitar Played by Robert Duvall
  • “T3” – Arnold Schwarzenegger full leather signature Costume
  • “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” – Grail Knight sword from finale of film
  • “Logan’s Run” – Farrah Fawcett’s green futuristic dress
  • “Camelot”- Excalibur Sword used by Richard Harris
  • “I Dream of Jeannie” – Iconic original bottle signed by Barbara Eden
  • “Betrayed” – Clark Gable’s hat
  • Max Factor’s Beauty Calibration Machine
  • Britney Spears’ bustier/bodysuit from the video for Circus, which was also worn for the CD cover and her Rolling Stone magazine shoot.
“Collectors will be clamoring for these rare and amazing items,” said Dan Levin, Vice President of Marketing for Premiere Props.  “To own something worn by Michael Jackson, Batman, Indiana Jones or the Terminator is a collector’s dream and we are thrilled to be able to offer our buyers items of such significance.”
In total there will be over 1,000 items going up for auction and proceeds from some of the pieces will be designated for specific charities.

Elizabeth Taylor Estate Estimate Upward to $1B - to Auction Jewelry

Elizabeth Taylor's estate is believed be worth between $600 million and $1 billion, most of it, according to Bloomberg Businessweek Senior Editor Diane Brady, from the side of her few fans realized had grown so big - Liz Taylor, businesswoman.

Brady says Taylor was actually "one of the first people out there basically branding her personality."

On "The Early Show on Saturday Morning," Brady told co-anchor Rebecca Jarvis estimates of the size of Taylor's fortune fall in a "pretty broad range. You are hearing a billion. You're hearing $600 million. I think $600 million seems to be what most people are settling on.

"But, you know, clearly, they're auctioning off her jewelry collection. They think that's going to be about $150 million. She had real estate that was worth at least $130 million.

eBay Banned List of Autograph Merchants

eBay has updated their banned authenticator list to include COAs from Nicholas Burczyk, Christopher Morales and TTA Authentic (formerly STAT Authentic).

Here is the full list of banned authenticators:

Autographed items with COAs and LOAs, or references to COAs and LOAs from the following people or organizations.

  • Coach's Corner Sports Auctions LLC

  • Christopher L. Morales

  • Donald Frangipani

  • Forensic Document Services

  • Hollywood Dreams

  • J. DiMaggio Co. / J. DiMaggio Company

  • Legends Sports Memorabilia

  • Nathan's Autographs / N.E. Autographs

  • Nicholas Burczyk

  • Pro Sports / Pro Sports Memorabilia

  • Robert Prouty

  • R.R.'s Sports Cards & Collectibles

  • SCAA / Front Page Art / Angelo Marino

  • Slamdunk Sportscards & Memorabilia

  • Sports Alley Memorabilia

  • Sports Management Group

  • Stan's Sports / Stans Sports Memorabilia

  • TTA Authentic (formerly STAT Authentic)

  • Universal Memorabilia

  • XMI Authentications

  • USA Authentics

  • Blank COAs and LOAs / COAs and LOAs as stand-alone items

  • COAs and LOAs from anyone listed on the FBI's Operation Bullpen website
  • Charlton Heston Secretarial Signature Study

    I'd like to call your attention to a signature study recently posted on a blog via Autograph Magazine Live. Steve Zarelli believes he has identified the identification factor in Charlton Heston secretarial signatures, if he is correct this is bad news for both through the mail and purchased Heston's. It looks like most Heston signed items are secretarial including my own. It appears even expert authentication services such as PSA/DNA got it wrong
    Here is his synopsis:
    The Theory
    Photographs and other memorabilia sent to Mr. Heston's office were signed by a secretary. However, Mr. Heston did authentically sign books through-the-mail.  
    Real vs. Secretary
    In authentic signatures, the R in "Charlton" is distinctly a lowercase "r" and less than half the height of the L. The first four letters are clearly "Char."
    In secretarial signatures, the R looks much more like a lowercase "l" and is about the same height as the L. So, the first four letters appear to be "Chall."

    Steve would love to hear your feedback and thoughts on this. He fully anticipate some resistance to the theory, because denial is always the first step. In fact, he would love to be proved wrong, because that would mean he wasn't sitting on a bunch of secretary signed photos!
    Steve Zarelli has been collecting since the early 90s and is the UACC Ethics Director.

    His blog is via www.MrZipper.com

    Whoopi Goldberg Academy Award High?

    I don't usually post "gossip" as a standard, but all things Oscar are fair game. 

    A recent video from August of 1992 surfaced on TMZ, in which Whoopi Goldberg revealed during a voice over recording session that she had smoked a join before the 63rd Annual Academy Awards in 1991 when she won her Best Supporting Actress Oscar for "Ghost".

    "Smoking cigarettes and pot every now and then are my habits," said the actress, who went on to host the Oscars four times."And I thought, 'I've got to relax,'" she says. "So I smoked this wonderful joint that was the last of my home-grown.""When [Washington] said my name and I popped up, I thought, 'Oh f--k...OK, up the stairs...around to the podium...there's millions of people, pick up the statue, get the statue."

    She managed to get through her speech without a hitch, "Ever since I was a little kid, I wanted this. You don't know!" She even remembered to thank everybody.

    According to Goldberg her mother called her after the show, indicating she knew the actress had smoked weed because of her glistening eyes.

    Dick Tracy Rights Awarded to Warren Beatty

    In 2008 Warren Beatty had sued Tribune Media claiming the company was wrong in trying to retain the rights to the crime fighting character which had been assigned to Beatty by a 1985 agreement.  In the 1985 agreement between Beatty and Tribune Media, the rights were retained by Beatty as unless "a certain period of time" lapsed without Beatty producing a new "Tracy" project.  In which case Tribune Media would regain the rights.  According to Beatty he started a Dick Tracy TV project in November of 2008, giving Tribune Media written notice of the project. 

    A U.S. District Court judge ruled in favor of Beatty in the dispute.  Judge Dean D. Pregerson indicated that by Beatty commencing principal photography on the television project in 2008 was sufficient for Beatty to retain the rights to Dick Tracy.

    Today in Hollywood History March 26, 2011

    Today in Hollywood History March 26, 2011

    1956 - Red Buttons debuts on TV in Studio One

    1958 - 30th Academy Awards-"Bridge over River Kwai," Woodward & Guinness win

    1990 - 62nd Academy Awards - "Driving Miss Daisy," D Day-Lewis, J Tandy win

    2000 - 72nd Academy Awards - "American Beauty", Hilary Swank, Kevein Spacey win

    Friday, March 25, 2011

    Bret Michael Sues Over Tony Awards Accident

    According to The Hollywood Reporter a lawsuit has been filed against CBS and Tony Award Productions.  The lawsuit claims that the shows producers are at fault for Bret Michael's on stage injury seen during the show.

    The suit, filed today in Los Angeles Superior Court, states that Michaels asked producers if they had any instructions about where he should or should not stand during any portion of his performance. They told him he should simply exit from the stage rear after he was done, according to the documents.
    During the telecasts opening number, Michaels suffered a fractured nose and split lip after he was hit by a large sign descending from the ceiling following Poison's performance of "Nothin' But a Good Time” with the Rock of Ages cast.  
    The suit states that Michaels was never told the sign piece would be descending or given “any warning of the existence of the dangers it presented.”
    Six months after the accident, Michaels suffered a near fatal subarachnoid hemorrhage  — bleeding beneath the thin tissue covering the brain — “at the hands of the Tony Awards," the law suit claims.
    “Through his sheer will to live, Michaels was able to survive this trauma,” the suit reads.
    Michaels allegations are producers have "failed and refused" to remedy the situation, going as far as to blame him for the incident, claiming he "missed his mark."
    There was no comment from the network.

    Elizabeth Taylor MGM Loan Inter Office Communication

    Elizabeth Taylor ORIGINAL 1949 MGM Inter Office Memo
    Dated Octomber 17, 1949
    An amazing piece of film history
    This is an MGM Metro Goldwyn Mayer Studios Inter-Office Communication
    To: Mr. George Warren Subject: John Lund (Actor) a/c Paramount and Elizabeth Taylor (Actress)

    This memo is outlining an agreement between Paramount Pictures Inc where MGM is loaning the services of Elizabeth Taylor for the role of "Angela" in their picture "A Modern Story". Her term commencing September 21st, 1949 to complete her role but no later than November 26, 1949.  In this agreement Paramount is loaning the services of John Lund to MGM for the role of "Douglas Morrison" in "The Dutchess of Idaho".  The document in four paragraphs outlines the terms of the exchange between Lund and Taylor. 

    The film turned out to be"A Place in the Sun" aka "An American Tragedy" with Taylor as Angela Vickers.

    This turned out to be one of the most one-sided exchanges in film history.
    The document is an original and is from F.L. Hendrickson who was head of the legal department at MGM.


    James Dean Secret Revealed After Elizabeth Taylors Death

    Elizabeth Taylor in an interview 14 years ago for POV revealed a secret about James Dean that she made writer Kevin Sessums promise not to reveal until after her death.

    "When Jimmy was 11 and his mother passed away, he began to be molested by his minister. I think that haunted him the rest of his life," alleged Taylor. "In fact, I know it did. We talked about it a lot. During Giant we'd stay up nights and talk and talk, and that was one of the things he confessed to me."

    This was according to Sessums for a new piece in the Daily Beast.