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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor's 3rd husband's grave distrubance still a Chicago mystery

The story involves husband No. 3, producer Michael Todd, and two Chicago Outfit types who dug up his body at Jewish Waldheim Cemetery in Forest Park in 1977. Legend has it they were searching for a 10-carat diamond ring. And legend says they never found it. The story also involves private eye Anthony Pellicano, a human ferret and convicted eavesdropper who often bragged about his Outfit connections.
He used the Michael Todd grave-robbing caper to launch himself right out of Chicago and into Hollywood, where he became Private Eye to the Stars. Without Todd's remains being dragged around that cemetery, it's possible that Pellicano would still be working divorces in Chicago, peeping through keyholes.

Full story at the Chicago Tribune

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