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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mickey Rooney's Abuse and Loss of Prized Oscar

Last Friday, it was reported a court appointed beloved veteran actor Mickey Rooney a permanent conservator to oversee his affairs in light of abuse from his stepson and stepdaughter. 

Details of the abuse emerged from court documents, Rooney claimed Aber deprived him of medication and food and confiscated his passport and other identification cards. Augustine told the court $400,000 had disappeared from Rooney's bank account and the star is so financially strapped that he frequently wears the same clothes and has only one pair of shoes. He stated that Rooney told him he was unable to buy his wife, Jan, flowers on Valentine's Day because "I have no money."

Mickey Rooney also blasted his stepson for allegedly taking his honorary Oscar statuette and selling it off for his own financial gain.  Rooney claims Aber took a number of his personal items -- including the star's honorary Academy Award, which he received in 1983 in recognition of his 50 years in the movie industry.

If the allegations of Aber selling his Oscar are true, it would make any transaction involving the Oscar illegal under the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences post 1950 recipient agreement.  This agreement prohibits the sale of any Academy Award received after 1950 by recipients heirs, or other.  This would be in addition to any other laws broken such as theft.  There is no word from the Academy or law enforcement as to any investigation in the matter at this time.

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