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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Roles That Made Elizabeth Taylor A Hollywood Icon

1. 1966 - Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf, Taylor won her second Academy Award for
her performance as the bare-bones Martha..
2. 1963 - Cleopatra, Taylor made film history as the first woman in
Hollywood to receive a million-dollar contract for the role.

3. 1960 - Butterfield 8, Taylor won her first Academy Award for playing prostitute
Gloria Wandrous.

4. 1958 - Cat on a hot Tin Roof,  Taylor plays the seductive Maggie Pollitt,
the wife of Paul Newman's alcoholic Brick Pollitt.

5. 1951 - A Place in the Sun, The actress made the leap from
child-star to major movie star with co-star Montgomery Clift.

6. 1959 - Suddenly, Last Summer,  A Tennessee Williams' play about the wealthy
Violet Venable played by Katharine Hepburn and a girl who goes crazy Elizabeth Taylor
after seeing Vioet's only son die. Taylor won a Golden Globe for her
performance and both actresses received Oscar nominations.

7. 1977 - A Little Night Music, A Harold Prince's film in which Taylor played Desiree Armfeldt, an actres who seduces a married man.

8. 1956 - Giant, A sprawling epic starring legendary actors James Dean and Rock Hudson, with Taylor as Leslie Benedict.

9. 1944 - National Velvet, The role that made Taylor a star as Velvet
Brown, the spirited teen who competes in England's Grand National

10.1967 - The Taming of the Shrew, William Shakespeare play with Taylor as the ill tempered Katharina playing opposite of her real life husband Richard Burton.

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